The World Has to Revisit Current Development Models! By: Sharmarke Abdi Musse
April 13, 2016 - Written by Berbera Today

The World Has to Revisit Current Development Models!
By: Sharmarke Abdi Musse

Sharmaarke Cabdi Muuse

When you search the word “Development” in the search engine, you find thousands of articles, reports and journals which talk about development in various aspects in terms of Economic, Technology, Gender, Education/literacy, health, income and many more sectors. Unequivocally, the last decades have yielded unprecedented gains in the fight against extreme poverty and hunger, with emerging growth in economies. According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the number of people living in extreme poverty is half of what it was in 1990, as is the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water. Women’s labor force participation has jumped significantly, and technological innovations – led by the increasingly ubiquitous mobile phone – have brought dramatic economic, social and financial opportunities to remote parts of the world. Despite the stupendous results in which the ongoing development bears for the current society, at the same time it carries pitfalls.
According to International Monetary fund (IMF) 2015, it is expected that the world economic growth to strengthen 3.8 percent in 2016. This is a sign of the growing global development standouts. The implication is that the current generation has been extensively utilizing the resources and environmental amenities with support of advanced technology.
It is crystal clear that the advancement of technology, rapid population surge, the cut-throat economic competitions and Globalization aspects have profoundly impacted on environment and resource sustainability. The emerging market economies, the underlying drivers for gradual acceleration in economic activities, easy financial conditions, more neutral fiscal policy, low fuel prices and the improving confidence and labor market are subversive tools which impede the sustainability of environmental resources and inter-generational rights in resource. The future generations are more likely to get intricate to survive in this planet. With no resource, the survival will be difficult, hence tragedy in humanity.
However, Economists claim that there is remarkable improvement in the life of people worldwide due to the advanced economies, Globalization and multi or bilateral trade and investments. But the fact is that, the more the living standards of the people increase with less Eco-holism and Conservation doctrines, the more the energy consumption and resource utilization soars. According to Smith’s theory in Eco-holism which later around corroborated by Alan Marshall argues that the resources, biological and abiological constituents are interdependent. The depletion and impediment of certain part affects the entire constituents.
Arriving at socially and environmentally optimal level of development;
The rates within which natural calamities such as floods, diseases and droughts take place have been accelerated by the human induced factors include multitude emissions of greenhouse gases, deforestation and land use changes which do arise as result of staggering development. The current societies who live in both developed and developing countries have been encountering number of social abysses. In developed world, cancer, cataracts, skin related problems, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are major subjects which cause death. These diseases are stemmed from Environmental pollutions resulted by the unsustainable development models.
Conversely, in developing world, moreover the development goes slowly, but it brings a lot of decimation into environment. You find Chinese or European industries which are located around water shores. The health of the society and the sustainability of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems were not given much consideration, rather on economic gains. Poverty and poor leadership are bases which facilitate for this to happen.

We do asses things wrongly in terms of usefulness to us, and we do not peer into the sustainability of environment and humanity at large. However, the rate of development or capital appreciation must be in line with social and environment well-being. The sort of development in which certain party wants to conduct must not bring obliteration to environment and inter-generational rights in resource and utility satisfactory.
Looking back Sustainable development Foundations;
The Concept of sustainable development leaped out in Stockholm conference 1972, which addressed the ultimate dependence of development on environment. The Foundations of sustainable development evolves on harmonization of Environment, social and Economic dimensions. International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) tried to considerably rise up the sustainable development concept across the globe, but the obsession on economic and staggering developments sabotaged it not to bear good results.
However, technological innovations should be in line with basics of sustainable developments. For the survival of humanity, development should be for the benefit of people in universe and not against it.

By: Sharmarke Abdi Musse (Environment Activist)
(Bsc, PSGDip, Msc)

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