Somaliland vs Buuhoodle: Voter Registration and Elections participation‏
June 4, 2016 - Written by Berbera Today

Somaliland vs Buuhoodle: Voter Registration and Elections participation

Research and recommendation for  a reality of the Buhodle citizens Contributed by  Prof. Abdirisak Mouse Farah…

Prof. Abdirisak Mouse Farah, POLITICAL RESEARCH ANALYST and LECTURER of GLOBAL STUDIES and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS at the University of New Generation

Prof. Abdirisak Mouse Farah, POLITICAL RESEARCH ANALYST and LECTURER of GLOBAL STUDIES and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS at the University of New Generation

Buhodle- The citizens of Buhodle Region are very keen and are willing to register the voter registration in order to take part the upcoming elections. the research shows the inhabitants of Carawayn,Xamar-lagu-xidh,Sarman,Dandan,Horfadhi,Sool joogto,Maygaagle,Xadhadhan,Jaf. Balidocle,Shangale,Dhilalo,Gocondhale.Gal,gal,Qararo and the major town of Buhodle and its outskirts have overwhelmingly showed readiness and commitment to take part the voter registration.
The Study shows that population of Buhodle region is roughly estimated 750.000  who are mainly pastoralists who keep live stock, but due to heavy drought which struck the region have resulted severe impact and big blow to economic activities and the lives of these who depend on live stock to satisfy their needs.
The report also indicates the civil society including the Traditional elders ,Scholars ,Youth , Spiritual, leaders, the Business people and women organization are so eunthuastic  and passionate to take part in elections and all the Development goals of this nation.
The Problem Statement of the Study
Socio-economic and political misrepresentation,the Study Shows the citizens of Buhodle are mis represented in political arena
The Study also reveals that Buhodle region lacks fundamental rights and is much behind interms of Developments compared to other regions of Somali land.
The report observed there is no proper administration in Buhodle region,there are no longer any governmental institutions that operate in Buhodle region.
Objectives of the Study

  1. To observe the living conditions of the local people and the environmental development and stability.
  2. To ensure whether the local population are ready and committed to take part in the voter registration and election participation.
  3. To declare to the National Electoral Commission,government instituation and the international observers that citizens of Buhodle region are anxious and fully prepared to participate the voter registration and the upcoming elections in order to get rid off political misreprentation.

Research Questions

  1. The sense of belonging for the local population
  2. Whether they are willing and ready to participate the voter registration and the upcoming elections.

Data analysis of the study
According to the interviews the researcher made with the local citizens of Buhodle region including the traditional   elders ,Scholars ,women orginisations ,Business Communities,  youth ,the Spiritual  leaders and Diaspora communities who hail from buhodle region clearly indicates as follows.

  1. The Study shows different traditional elders whom the researcher interviewed and discussed with the general living conditions , peace, stability and development goals and the participation of the voter registration and elections have overwhelmingly welcomed and supported to take part and to participate the voter registration and elections, but they all stressed that they were misrepresented in the political arena and are treated as second class citizens, they feel that they are being marganilised and never had the equal fundamental rights as citizens of this great nation.

The researcher interviewed and discussed the following traditional elders.

  1. Chief: Ahmed Hassan Haji Omar Aidhbob,
  2. Chief: Ali Jama Sharif Dhagade
  3. Chief:Mohomed Nuh Mohamed Sanweyne
  4. Chief:Hassan Ise Wacays

The above mentioned traditional elders who also have great impact and influence in the local population have all stated in loud and clear that they are ready to convince their local population to take part in the voter registration and upcoming elections,they also appealed and urged to the government Institutions, multiparty ,National electoral commission and the international community to realize the facts on the ground and assure the fundamental socio economic and political rights of this people and stop the political distortion and misrepresentation, they also pledged and vowed to work closely with government.
The researcher also discussed with the youth organizations including Buhodle Youth Development Org. after researcher visited their Head quarters ,he had discussion with the following youth leaders.
1.Chairman:Mohamed Yussuf Hassan,ordinator:Abshir Hassan Mohomed
3:Secretary:Hayat Hussien Hassan
The above mentioned youth have all shown and expressed their concern to take part all the development activities and voter registrations and elections.
The Study also indicates according to the interviews the researcher made wth the Scholars , women organizations,politicians,business communities and the Diasopra communities whom the researcher contacted have expressed their commitments to participate voter registration and upcoming elections and safe, guarding the peace and the stability of the region some of the interviewed individuals include…

  1. The former governor of buhodle…Osman Isse Rawe
  2. Former minister….Eng.. Mohamed Farah Faruur
  3. Businessman…Mohamed Jama Bihi
  4. Head of the womens organization…..Amina Mohamud Wayrax
  5. Diaspora,, Dr amina Mohamed Haaji Fooyaan who works at Royal hospital in jeddah Saudi Arabia
  6. Diaspora living scholar….Prof: A/lahi Farah Awed

Have all fully supported in the participation of voter registration and elections.
The Recommendation of the study
Suggests  numerous results as a resolution

  1. According to the research the local population emphasized to freely elect their representitives in the central goverbnent, in order to overcome the political misrepresentation they were experienced for more than a decade.
  2. Decentralization of governmental institutions and multiparty system through distribution of power and resource.
  3. The national electoral commission ,national government ,political parties and the other international stakeholders to encompass the strategy of election polls,  mobilization  and awareness through by collaborating with the scholars who hail from buhodle also traditional elders and other prominent civil society.
  4. According to the research the local population are missing fundamental basic human needs ,including Healthy facilities,water and sanitation and educational centres ,these crisis need immediate attention and positive response.

            Conclusion questions

  1. What is the role, development policies,practices and strategic plans of the government of the republic of Somaliland based on this research?
  2. What are the stragical plans and their political ambition of the three political parties according to the study. Kulmiye Ucid and Wadani?
  3. What about the electoral commission responsibilities and implementation due to this study analysis?????

Contributed by  Prof. Abdirisak Mouse Farah, POLITICAL RESEARCH ANALYST and LECTURER of GLOBAL STUDIES and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS at the University of New Generation and group of Volunteer

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