Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Ears Are Connected To The Immediate Needs Of His People Across Somaliland” Ismail Lugweyne
May 3, 2020 - Written by Berbera Today

As the most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched, but felt with the heart, President Muse is a person with good heart as good heart is fountain of gladness. President Muse is a person with warm heart as warm heart is like morning sunshine in the rainy day. President a person with admiring heart as admiring hearts is the ultimate winners. President Muse is person with feeling heart as feeling heart is fertile soil. President Muse is a person with sweet heart as sweet heart is like spring rain.. President Muse is a person with clean heart as clean heart is kind heart. President is a person with loving heart as loving heart is the truest wisdom. President Muse is true leader who knows how to lead and where to lead his people. 

Patriotism being a sign of true citizen, he is true patriot for his people and his country.  His blood is full of patriotism. His thought is the oasis of patriotism. His heart is crafted with patriotism. His patriotic speeches are like oxygen in our blood vessels. His patriotic feeling is like the seed of freedom tree.  His actions are signs of motivation. His patriotic emotions are the sources of encouragement. His speeches pumps nationalism spirit in our minds. He is true volunteer for his country and his people. His leadership style promising good future.  His words are source of inspiration. His leadership leads us the highest peak of progress. He is the best defense for Somaliland. With his great thoughts, we can change Somaliland better than it is at present.  President Muse is an icon of good deeds. He is true motivator for his people.  As progress always happens outside the comfort zone, hard times proved his successful leadership qualities. 

As success is not ready made, he encountered hurdles, barriers and hardship to reach the highest pyramid in Somaliland. Life being moments of impact and how improve the lives of our people, President Muse is oriented serving his people.  He is navigating Somaliland into safe horizon. Everyone will harvest the seeds that planted in advance and good fruits is produced from fertile soil, we are harvesting the seeds president Muse planted in advance. We all know the seeds we plant today will be harvested tomorrow.  President Muse is like a big candle that lights all Somaliland. Some people born great, some people achieve greatness, president earned the trust of his people. We read from world books hundreds of great leaders, politicians and humanitarian pioneers who made successful impact for the lives of their people, President Muse standing the front row for the above leaders. He engages every effort to make the lives of his people better. He has no thoughts other than making Somaliland better. He is the bridge that connects Somaliland to each other. He is a symbol of unity for his people.

President Muse is a great leader and good things in the world are done by great leaders. The history of progress are done by great leaders like him. Good quality being a degree of excellence, President Muse is assured quality. President Muse translated into reality the wisdom that enthusiasm is one the most powerful engine of success when you do rights at right time, stamp it with your own responsibility and faithfulness to your deeds. Good things in the world should be felt at heart, President Muse worth to be praised and appreciated taken into account his successful unique qualities explained in the above.

Poetry being natural overflow of powerful feelings, while speaking, President Muse speaks refined language and clear sense of direction.  His ears are connected the needs of his people. He is the icon and backbone of his people. He has strong combination of creative thinking. He has sense of responsibility for his people. .He put his mind, his heart, his brain, his obligation, his spirit, his effort, his goal serving his people collectively.  He is a driver of Somaliland positive change as positive changes end up best result. He is the champaign of Somaliland unity as our unity is the bridge that connects somaliland people to each other.  Somaliland president successful attributes cannot sum up in words.  

 Ismail Lugweyne

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