Yousuf Tuke, Hersi Morgan, the butcher of Hargeisa, the Butcher of Bosnia Ratko Mladic have same history being inhuman minds.Ismail Lugweyne
May 26, 2019 - Written by admin
Justices which was silent over 30 years has finally spoken against Yousuf Tuke who was war criminal during Sayid bare regime era.  Yuousf Tuke is laughing while Somaliland citizens are burning alive. This is photo is really horrifying.   This is the most brutality act we have experienced in recent history. Yousuf Tuke has failed to escape from just justices.  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King).

The hardships Somaliland citizens went through during Sayid Bare cannot be expressed in words.  The mass genocide committed against Somaliland citizens during Sayid Bare era were horrible and was largely overlooked by the rest of the world. Mladic was found guilty being committed genocide, violations, war criminal and criminal against humanity. Humanity is short from the mind of these Somaliland Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa presented to the USA court papers that he was beaten and tortured by soldiers under the command of Yuosuf Abdi Ali.

He was found convicted of a crime in connection with his alleged conduct in Somaliland. Accordingly, the international law, the safety of the people is the top priority throughout the world.  Somaliland citizens were suffering injustice more than two decades during Sayid regime era. American court in Virginia found former Somali army colonel who was commander in Siad Barre’s dictatorship responsible for the torture of Somaliland citizen. 

In reality, of Yuosuf Abdi Ali court ruling to pay half million US dollars being the compensation the torture the torture the committed against Somaliland citizen Farhan Mohamoud Tani is too light in contrast the inhuman crime he committed against humanity. In reality, this criminal Yuosuf Tuke has proved the most merciless criminals in recent history. 

 He committed the mother of all crime in recent history. Injustice devastates peaceful life. Yusuf Tuke was first investigated by the fifth estate in 1992 for allegations that he executed, tortured and maimed countless people during Somalia’s civil war. He was living in Toronto at the time of the original broadcast. This year marks  the 31th anniversary of what is often called the “Hargeisa Holocaust.

The trauma of Sayid Bare regime mass killing is everlasting for Somaliland people. During those years of struggle, the cities of Somaliland, including Hargeisa, were bombed and ruthlessly blown to bits. The memories of these loved Somaliland citizens will remain our hearts and minds everlasting. Building a new country from scratch seems difficult, however, Somaliland has greatly recovered the destruction committed by heartless regime.

Ismail Lugweyne

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